Chon Nguyen March 31, 2018

Often times when we're working with multi-unit operators to rollout new hardware or systems, there are struggles relating to infrastructure. The successful operators we work with are growing so fast that installations and infrastructure planning are an after thought. It's much easier to standardize at four locations than it is at 30!

As brands grow and consumer demands change, the desire to roll out technology is necessary to remain competitive. Sometimes these rollouts are driven by operational requirements - things like EMV (chip) card readers, point-of-sale terminal refreshes, or kitchen display systems. Other times it's focused on the customer experience with things like digital signange, guest wireless internet access, or a bold video wall installation for a forward-thinking retailer. Typically these installations are fairly intrusive to operations, so we need to perform them outside of normal business hours.

When we execute a national rollout with new customers or current customers who don't engage us for managed infrastructure services, many times the core infrastructure is so fragmented that the project becomes very difficult to plan for. It's easy to quickly go over budget when, upon sending a resource onsite, we find a rats nest of cables that aren't labeled and there's no network documentation or information.

There are several things we can do during the project planning phase that can help things go smoothly. In certain cases, we will leverage our customers existing field resources to upload photos or collect information so that we can better plan and ensure we aren't sending in resources blindly. We can also perform full site audits and surveys utilizing our staff, or we can perform a full infrastructure cleanup and standardization process.

We work with our customers in a number of different ways, including acting as their complete outsourced IT department and helpdesk, where we can plan & execute these services end-to-end. In these instances we can procure, provision, and install the equipment in our customers' environments. We can also supplement the internal IT resources of your organization, being your eyes, ears, and hands on-site.

We understand that planning to roll out new technology across multiple sites is a daunting task.  Let us help you on your next project to make the process smooth and seamless!

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