Megan Nguyen April 23, 2018

Expectations are reality and it’s reality for employees to expect technology to function.  The million-dollar question is - what is the cost of lost productivity when facilities lose a room asset for hours or even days?

Maintenance Agreements that include Preventative Maintenance is key!  It allows full service systems integrators to complete a thorough check up of your audio-visual system and components during multiple opportunities on an annual basis.  The ability for integrators to identify potential mishaps with technology prior to an important meeting will ultimately save time and money.

Whether your organization specializes in finance, law, medical, pharmaceuticals or any type of business for that matter, proactive support services allows your organization to focus on your initiatives while we provide ‘Hakuna Matata’.  Wait, what is Hakuna means no worries!  


As a strategic partner in your business, audio-visual integrators focus on your shared success by ensuring clients realize maximum efficiencies and productivity while experiencing minimal downtime.  Let’s expand on the potential mishaps that can occur during the lifecycle of technology:

Unplanned Downtime:

One specific benefit of having Maintenance Agreements in place is the ability to improve equipment life and avoid unplanned downtime.  Similar to your annual physical at the doctor, this is scheduled ahead of time in an effort to uncover challenges. Audio visual strategic partners will spend several hours every couple months running the technology through its paces.  When we find situations that could interrupt business and potentially cause downtime - those fixes would be scheduled and completed ahead of the next big meeting.

Unreliable System Costs:

Imagine this - you walk into a huddle room to conduct a videoconference with your largest client to finalize a project, and the videoconference system is down and unable to be restored.  Putting the emotional frustration aside, you’ve now potentially lost a client or a particular opportunity due to technology mishaps - this is detrimental. This is an immeasurable risk that you cannot afford to take if your goal is to maximize your company’s revenue and make good impressions on current or prospective clients.  Another catch during the Preventative Maintenance appointment!

Software Concerns:

With much of America dealing with and understanding how security concerns affect their technology, the potential exists for bugs to be introduced within the audio-visual technology.  With Maintenance Agreements in place with various Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), the ability for audio visual integrators to involve themselves within minutes remotely or onsite within hours, could make all the difference in achieving your organization’s IT security initiatives.  Don’t let bugs sneak in through the cracks!

Not only can a Maintenance Agreement keep your integrated systems optimized and performing, but it can also save you money.  Expensive components, hourly rates, and emergency services vs. proactive maintenance can prove to be a costly adventure.

Let Newgentek show you how we can provide Hakuna Matata, so your organization can focus on your corporate initiatives!

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