Newgentek January 28, 2020


Newgentek is proud to announce they have achieved two important certifications with Cisco: Cisco Express Specialization and Select Certified Partner.  This allows Newgentek to give their customers an increased level of support by utilizing Cisco products, services, and online training tools that are only available to Select Certified Partners. 

This was an important investment for Newgentek, as workplace technology continues to evolve.  More and more small and medium sized businesses are using Cisco products, and with the enormous growth in the number of Cisco products deployed in the market, Newgentek saw an opportunity to add value for their clients.

Newgentek invested in these certifications as part of their commitment to providing the best technology solutions to drive customer success.  Being a Select Certified Partner allows Newgentek to continue to give their clients an elevated customer experience and provide best-in-class IT solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cisco products and how they can help your business, fill out the form below and one of our technology specialists will reach out!