Megan Nguyen August 28, 2019

Upgrading your office technology can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. If you’re like many business owners, you probably want to see your company flourish and reach its maximum potential - and sometimes, that means upgrading your office technology to the latest and greatest.


The good news is, with so many options to achieve that potential, it’s easier than ever!

To ensure an effective and thriving business, you need an environment that promotes productivity and efficiency. Outdated, inefficient technology affects the productivity and flow of your workspace and can in some instances be a cybersecurity threat. Stale tech can seriously decrease the productivity and morale of your team - so making sure you don’t get left behind is crucial!

Knowing how to transition from old to new office technology can help both you and your employees during the process of modernizing your office’s workspace.

1. Recognize Growth Opportunities

How can your new technology help your business? Before choosing the products for your office update, analyze the benefits that the new technology will bring. It is important to find areas that need work, or areas that aren’t running as smooth as they could be.

Analyzing what is currently working and what isn't helps to determine how technology updates will serve you best. Make sure to ask yourself- “how will this change my company for the better?”

Our company specializes in the technology that keeps office spaces working efficiently. We know that, sometimes, change is necessary to support your office and it’s staff.

2. Research potential products

Unfortunately, many business owners make the mistake of acquiring products that don’t fit with their office “flow”. There are quite a few reasons as to why this might happen - budget issues, time constraints, or simply lack of information.

Find a tech solution that will fit like a puzzle piece in your office - consider the size, structure, and dynamics of your company to determine what software or hardware changes need to be made.

It’s important not to fall victim to an appealing price tag on an ineffective product! Knowing the functionality of the potential products will determine how well they will integrate in your office.  On the other hand, sometimes less is more.  Investing in technology because it looks cool doesn't always mean it fits with your office functions.  Your goal is to find high-quality products that offer exact solutions to your needs.

3. Try before you buy

It’s always a good idea to make sure you and your employees have a chance to familiarize yourselves with new products before a big launch. Feeling comfortable with the products you’re using will allow for an easy transition when new technology is installed.

Many software and hardware suppliers will allow you and your staff to become familiar with their products before you make a financial commitment - take full advantage of this. Demos and trial periods will allow room to understand how your office’s future will be shaped by the product.

A trial run allows you to see how and if these products will be used on a daily basis.

4. Communicate changes with your staff

During the period of change, it’s very important that office staff feel like they have a solid resource to rely on when it comes to their questions about new technology initiatives.

It's crucial to partner with an audio visual company that educates and trains you and your employees, and offers ongoing support.

When your employees not only know how these changes will transform their environment, but also why, you maximize employee adoption. Making employees aware of areas that need improvement is vital - developing a vision and communicating your goals to your employees will dismiss the confusion of sudden updates.

5. Consider sustainable tech

Companies are steadily growing more eco-friendly, and it has never been easier to expand your company’s technology with sustainability in mind. There are now many options that will provide a solution to your needs, decrease your impact on the environment, and likely save you money while doing it!

Global Workplace Analytics reports that 40% of workplaces support flexible workplace options that utilize remote technology! Audio and video conferencing is an easy way to stay on base with your workers while they work from home.  The increase in remote workers coupled with the best video conferencing technology will make your office a productive and efficient powerhouse.

Now that you have some tips to help your office transition with their new technology, make sure to consider your options in upgrading! Whatever you land on, Newgentek can help with servicing you.

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